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  • Can eliminate paper forms entirely
  • Allows real-time data entry checks with immediate recognition and notification of errors and omissions
  • Automatically checks patient eligibility
  • Provides immediate access to research study status, patient histories, and other important data
  • Automatically generates custom reports
  • Full auditing capabilities
  • Privacy and security settings that meet or exceed industry standards
  • Web-based, allowing seamless multi-site research
empower SmartManager

Our SmartManager software is the culmination of our experience in clinical research. Much more than a data management tool, SmartManager is a comprehensive research partner, designed to dramatically reduce the time it takes to gather, analyze, and present data.

The software’s strength is its flexibility. It can be manipulated easily to provide the access, inputs, and reports you need. It also offers reliable checks and balances that will protect the validity of your data points. As an electronic data capture system, it can eliminate paper forms, saving you valuable time and money in your work.

Modern research requires modern functionality. Our software gives you instant access to everything you want to know about your trial and its participants, and makes it easy to review data, schedule appointments, follow-up with patients, or even withdraw participants with the click of a button. It simply makes life easier for researchers.

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